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I'm a digital activist. But not limited to the digital activism for political change or societal change through social media. Rather I am more and equally concerned about digital branding for small businesses and individual startups through social media and the internet. The Internet never bores me, even if it does, I skip it and search in for something new and that's what drives me into the heart and soul of billions of accounts running every day from zero to hero and hero to none. This digital 'activism' for brands and businesses has led me to create my own digital agency, Contentbar (digital branding and digital marketing agency). Don't miss to check it out.

Hello and welcome, I am Parul Chaudhary, digital marketing and branding consultant, a content writer for you and maybe a digital brand manager for others, and a social media gossip woman for your friend, you name it. And this is my personal blog, Confessions of a Content Freak about my everyday experiences in the digital marketing & brand management. 

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About 9,60,00,00,000 results are being searched in 0.56 seconds for one term 'social media'. 

And 39,30,00,000 results have been searched so far in 0.78 seconds for the term 'digital branding company'.

No. Don't feel exhausted with these digits. They are not permanent. What's permanent is this digital land. I know you must be thinking for yourself," damn! I can't even think of my work to shine out bright among these big digits."? or "I am happy with my 1M audience."?


What if I say, "you can loose your 1M audience within a month/week or you can count yourself on the first page of the search engine within months. You can be both ways. 

Today, when you see your competitor's strong digital presence and good community build-up what do you think about their gains? 

1. Good content (for your humans)

2. Good branding strategy (for your brand)

3. Good online marketing (for you, your humans, and your brand)

And trust me it's as exhausting as reading above digits to go hand in hand with all of them. I have met individuals and brands in person where they have been producing good content but aren't gaining enough engagement and traffic. One of my good friends is a great musician and has a well-established music studio, his clientele is never going anywhere and he's a renowned good name in his region yet hadn't gained any online audience other than getting calls from Just Dial. 

The list of examples is never-ending. We all have faced the situation one or more times in our business life.  In order to help such great and valued businesses out there, I have designed a few easy to adapt and affordable services to help you grow in your digital journey.