best memes on social media and the evolution of memes

We came across 200 memes on an average scroll through social media. Memes are no doubt the cultural currency of the internet. They make us laugh, think, roll your eyes, and entertains you throughout the day. Being a Meme fan my today's post is a content tribute to members around the world. (I hugged you in my head)

When I said, "I hugged you in my head." I meant it. Memes saved my life for real. I am social media prone. My phone and laptop are the only two things that understand me better than humans. I am sorry to break it but I don't take calls more often, I don't text to check on them every then and now, and I don't post photos tagging others. I am a cold heart person, they say. But I maintain the relationships by sharing memes. All my awkward situations are no more awkward when I throw a meme on their face instead of a hate comment. See, People are offending on the internet. You cannot make understand your opinion. You can't explain to them why you hadn't talked to them a week ago. Trust me, Memes can save you. And I can save you from the F.O.M.O when someone talks about Memes Evolution and you don't know much than sharing a meme about it.

I will be going quite boring at the start but you need to clear your facts and knowledge first.

We the 21st-century internet insects has seen the evolution of memes within the culture of the Internet. Internet memes travel from person to person through imitation. It can be in the form of pictures, videos, or other media containing cultural information.

In 1976, Richard Dawkins introduced the term meme (from the Greek mimema, meaning “imitated”) in his work 'The Selfish Gene'.

Dawkins and Meme relation:

Dawkins considered memes as the cultural parallel to biological genes. According to him, memes and “selfish” genes share a similarity i.e. being in control of their own reproduction and thus serving their own ends. (tricky Dawkins)

Altered by individuals, memes carry information that passes from one person to another, evolving and mutating at random. It undergoes natural selection with or without impacts on human reproduction and survival. Isn't it?

This information took me back to my high school. Damn! I am a biology student. Where the KCUF I've been my whole life who don't know 'meme' came from biology. Thanks, Mr. Dawkins, You saved my life. You have to agree with me on this, ' all the good things came from Biology (you, me, memes...)

Meme Concept:

It will not wrong to state that memes are one of the primary methods of communication on the internet today. Whether they’re shared by your favorite person, family member, or politician, memes are trending in this pop culture. And if you’re god-damn lucky, a meme on you can turn you into a celebrity in an hour.

There was a time when memes were nothing more than the weird pictures. Today, they’re a part of social media interaction used and shared every minute. Evolving from basic image edits made to make people laugh into rhetorical devices with the capability of spreading the information to millions of people, memes have established themselves as one other most important evolution of Dawkins -The evolution of the meme. And today in the digital world, we all are a part of this meme community (laugh on each other).

Fact Check: Memes was existing before the internet

Yes. Let's go back to some crazy decades back and see how memes were and how they impact human culture:

1. Streaking

It may be weird now or not, I don't know but in the 70's it was crazy. A whole bunch of students caught naked running in the United States collecting bonus points if followed by law enforcement officials. It was fun. It was joy out of boredom. It was an expression of liberty. And it was a troll to shock the hell out of people.

2. Mouse Fur Eyebrows

Back in the 18th century, all men were tripping over perfect porcelain faces. I'm not making it. Even women were using beauty patches (saving it for later). Coming back, it was a good thing except for one problem - the eyebrows. Thick, dark eyebrows was so desirable feature. So desirable that when the lady of the house lost her eyebrows, they used rat hair. It was disgusting to know that. But it spread like a wildfire overnight and sold in the market as Mouse Fur eyebrows.

3. Phone Booth Stuffing

It was one of a kind crazy physical challenge in 1959 (we can try it today). Phone booth Stuffing break the boredom when 35 students managed to stuff themselves into a single phone booth. They calculated the geometry and calculus to figure out the possible calculations to stuff as many people as it can. Within a year, the world went crazy to break the record.

Following these top three Dancing Marathons, Beauty Patches, Tazos and more broke the troll record back before the internet. Isn't hilarious to know our ancestors are a part of this meme share and troll challenges. (I'm imaging my grandpa in a meme form).

Once upon a time, memes were mere a form of early internet humor on sites like Ebaum’s World and 4chan. With limited content creation tools memes only revolved around singular pictures and concepts. The earlier example - Chuck Norris Facts

Meme Transformation

Top Text Bottom Text

Then came the rule of top text, bottom text memes. It featured a colored pinwheel background or a humorous photo with a single sentence. This type of meme was a message pointed out that little things that can leave the right impression.

Rage Comics

Rage comics are supplementary to multipanel illustrations that depicting frustrating, ironic, and hilarious real-life situations. Today, rage comics are commonly-understood method of communication. Ex: now-ubiquitous Troll-face becoming recognizable regardless of language.

Pivot a Video

In 2007, memes took on videos. The concept of Rick Rolling was one of the first video-based instances of humor on the internet.

4chan and Tumblr (home of the memes), where they began to reach almost-mainstream status.

Viral Videos

Rick Rolling opened up the door for more video-based memes, as did the creation of YouTube. Viral Video Memes giving away to movement-based memes like this below.

Pivot to Twitter

In 2009, Twitter began to rise with its retweet feature and the platform became an ideal incubator for memes. Since then and now. In 2015, Twitter added two features: native video upload and to quote tweet for multimedia presentations.


A timeline of memes wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Vine. Viners were able to remix content with elements that had entered the public consciousness. The majority of Vines iconic today came from this second wave of content creation we are living today.

I have used all of them in my conversations and social media. And you?

Coming so far wouldn't be amazing looking at the most popular memes from right after my birth to till now. Yes, I am going to show you the Meme Calendar.

The Meme Calendar 1995-2020

Have you ever feel this that you're living in a world full of adventures. Who gave a thought to put his grumpy cat on social media and now it's a friendly cat for billions of us. I have tried to create memes too. But sorry Memers, I can't contribute much but I can contribute in other way, very much. I share your memes to end my awkward conversations, bad moods, showing love,and as a sign of friendship goals. Thanks. I mean we all should think for a second of how memes are changing our internet experiences personally and professionally. (I sometime end my official group chats with a meme, because they're boring).

As I mentioned in my last post, India- symbol of diversity and multi- culture. Indian Memers had gone way to ahead to rock the scrolls through their hilarious memes. From large to small, all social networks are flooding everyday with memes. Here have a look:

Best Indian Memes

One of the first uses of the internet meme idea discovered when Mike Godwin, an American attorney and internet law expert, used the word “meme” to give a characterisitic word to the rapid spread of ideas online. This idea of calling it a meme popped up to him when he noticed that, in newsgroups and virtual communities, certain posters were labeled as “similar to the Nazis” or “Hitler-like” when they got unpopular comments. Godwin dubbed this the Nazi-comparison meme in different kinds of discussions with posters from around the world, it got wildfire on internet. (superb job Godwin)

Today, 20 years later, the word “meme” is a regular part of our lexicon to describe everything from the Ermahgerd Girl to Gangnam Style.

Fact Check: Americans spend, on average, 11 -13 hours per day on the internet, following Indians with 10-11 hours per day. Australians spend 10 hours per day on digital devices. Latin Americans spend more than 12-15 hours consuming social media and internet daily.

Throughout the globe, people constantly receive thousands of photos, videos and other messages. Ever wonder what made them so lit and viral?

Well Meme researchers say that memes within itself develops a characteristics called “Good Tricks” which provides them competitive advantages such as:

  1. being genuinely useful to a human host

  2. being easily imitated by human brains

  3. answering questions that the human brain finds of interest.

Memes are spreading if they’re funny rather than strictly useful. Only memes that are well-suited to their followers will go viral, or become popular and widespread while others remain unknown and irrelevant.

Okay. I am done now. I should better go and find a new meme to reply my 3 days old conversations. Of course, I had missed many other great memes from around the internet. So don't hesitate to mention them in comments or mention your common meme you share to express your all time mood. And,

Don't forget- The main purpose of memes is to make us laugh (a hard job to do these days).



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