how to make money on social media: covid 19 edition

The COVID-19 lockdown around the world has affected the major economic sectors including social media. Thanks to the modern society and the internet which has enabled many businesses to continue operating and available for their customers online. Despite not being able to open their physical doors of the business, they’re still managing to do it with the same level of social media availability. Social media is not only helping the brands to keep in touch with their users but also differentiating them and those who’re staying afloat. My today’s post is somewhere is about not going bankrupt and how to making money online through social media during these COVID -19 hours. To make it clear here, I am not going to talk about spam data operating jobs or earn 1000/daily work from home. It's more about actual homegrown business on social media and how to make money from home.

Starting from 7 years back, when I discovered how I have added Facebook and Instagram as an integral part of my daily life. Wishing college friends with Birthday posts on their timeline, sharing a 2 year old memory, and comment on funny posts tagging my friends. Facebook became the home of emotions at that time and I guess even now. I wasn’t much fond of Instagram back then. Today, I am a pro. Although I have my private accounts on both Instagram and Facebook I still somehow manage to reach 100-200 people when I post daily or 80-90 people when I post in a while. If it wasn’t about staying connected to my favorite pages, celebrities, role models, funny videos, memes, trending stuff etc. I don;t think I would’ve ever got myself so much into social media. This is not the whole truth yet true. The day I realized and got frustrated knowing people are making money on social media and all I am doing is scrolling and hitting the like button, the day I find something about me. Damn, I should write stuff on my wall because I love writing. But what can it be? To which the writer under the hood instantly said it loud, “anything you want them to read.”

Cutting short, I started microblogging on Facebook and Instagram. You can see I don’t have millions of followers or even thousands, but I do have authentic and trusted 400 people on each platform. They don’t hit like or comment or share my things but they do read and text me about it. And that’s where I feel happy and not discouraged over seeing 0 likes or 0 comments. Why am I bragging about myself? Because first, nobody does that for me, I am no brand, I am no influencer. I am a Digital Manager, almost -almost in the business shoe of my Digital Studio, Contentbar and of course I’m a freak. Secondly, I don’t want to give you false hopes like the internet pops, ‘earn 1 Million in 3 days’, ‘Million views in a day’ and ‘use this free tool to make 10,000 followers’.

You may have realized by yourself that when you scroll down the social media either Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, hundreds of millions of people or pages posts on social media regularly. Either a video of social awareness, case study, product review, new launch, funny video, dog videos, a report, text based information, quotes, hashtags, like everything from sharing with friends to following whatever you dream of or in-between.

The journey of social media has gone from an interesting curiosity for knowing what's happening out there to showing what’s happening in our side has been a result that social media has always been a dominant part of our lives. So it actually doesn’t matter if you believe that it’s a thing for sometime.

I know what you are thinking, “Likes and comments don’t pay the bills neither get you meals”.It’s true. Social media doesn’t make you rich but it can be a GREAT GREAT place to get exposure for your idea or business. But again, exposure doesn’t pay the bills. Directly.

While we can use social media as a tool for an overall marketing plan, we can also make money directly from our social media posts and following. A report says, ‘It’s estimated that all the social media networks have a total of 3 billion active users. Social media is an instant communication tool. Is’t it?’

(look over your today’s routine -how many times did you go through Instagram to Facebook to Snapchat to Youtube to Twitter. Our jumping thumb only rests when we sleep or maybe when we had enough of it.)

Okay. Tell me something, how many times have you discussed your social media plan with your fellas in the past 5 months? Did they ended up with comments like these:

“First, you need your website.”

“It’s too risky. Can't say anything”

“I’ve got news for you. But you have to spend 0000.00 on it.”

“I don’t really think it can work.”

“Sure, but do you have any networks online?”.

“But that’s already there. What’s so special about yours? Why would they come to see your page?”

“Great idea! But how are you going to start it?”

That’s fine.

Before jumping into the stressing COVID-19 and social media relationship, here is something I need to tell you.

“More than 2 Million business do not sell products or physical things.

Across 3 Million businesses are running digitally, only.

And 3 Billion users are already scrolling through Social media everyday. “

(you will find it down below why I mentioned that all of information)

COVID-19 and Social Media so far: January 2020- August2020

I have created this post on the very 114 day of Lockdown. It is obvious and I shouldn’t be mentioning it here but I will, “ COVID-19 has literally affected our health, social, economic, personal, and spiritual lives.’ And talking about online business particularly, the ongoing situation in the whole world is similar. But in the digitized world, we surely know that social media marketing is a huge scope to market a brand’s name and target its audience. The outright impact of Covid-19 has surely changed a lot of marketing strategies and ways for brands, influencers and producers to start with something fresh. And the results which have been obtained out are of a mixed feeling.

  1. About 80% of the business complained that their social media engagement was not up to the mark because about 14 major industries were facing a backlog in promoting their product on the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

  2. Facebook and Instagram were among the ones who were hit hard.

  3. About 70% of the businesses utilized the pandemic in social media brand promotion.

  4. Facebook and Instagram were gaining more leads in terms of engagements. Facebook ads are gaining more reach and demographics with only brand promotional content. .

  5. Twitter is still creating a buzz and now it went higher up by a few notches.

  6. Youtube is flooded with work from home videos, creative DIYs, webinars, live speakers, home video blogs, and exclusive videos to watch on.

Covid-19 outbreak is surely booming the engagement ratio for posts and leads. The above stats are covered out from 4000 companies utilizing social media for brand promotion only and it was found out that the majority of the companies were doing an amazing show on social media.

Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the leading platforms where the higher leads are skyrocketing. An initial fall down was felt in the early March 2020 where the government just announced the worldwide lockdown. But a few weeks later, when the lockdown was extended to many more weeks, a lot of havoc for media promoters from all around the world were created. But the lead sales were doubled in April as soon the brands realized the COVID is here to stay and they’ve to make it work in any way. Therefore, they chose and restored their digitized ways.

The COVID-19 outbreak has been kind to social media

I’ve been doing nothing but browsing through social media while sitting at home when this idea of starting a blog (which I actually had for 4 years)happened in real life. How my procrastinator soul suddenly woke? There is no heavy inspiring story here. It’s just I had the time to look through a variety of sponsored posts that I initially used to skip. Sorry, the truth is I have been working from home for 2 years. And I can say it over-proudly that social media is in my blood now. But there is something new in this COVID 19 outbreak. First is I don’t have any client to work for and second I love to see how the audience is engaging and helping social media promoters and influencers to market their brand name much better than before.

(I am talking about good engagement only and not the hatred posts, comments, or whatever it is we used to go through social media, daily. )

The main reason that led this engagement is the quality of the posts that were being targeted.Yes, marketers and creators are now completely aware of the fact that audiences have a lot of time in their hands to dig in through the details. Therefore, the marketers, creators, professionals, individuals are trying to portray messages of the brand into a much creative format and better engaging style.

It is true that we cannot fix the margins with the social media alone but it is also true that social media alone can help us to reach the margins. And that’s the big reason the world is struggling hard to combat the current and upcoming consequences of this outbreak. Where the physical distance is the only medicine to stop this pandemic spreading over more lives, digital and social media is the only approach we can work better and earn a little better. Hesitation among consumers to go out and shop will be visibly seen and so is challenging, it is already impacting the overall seller-buyer journey.

That’s where the incline of heavy traffic towards the online platform is clearly visible out from the fog. And so do I call it a golden opportunity for individuals to set up their online businesses and diamond opportunity to build their online presence. Going ahead with an online business will be a win-win situation for you and it’s all set to start with your social media usage and behavior.

Steve Glaveski is the co-founder of Collective Campus, author of Time Rich, Employee to Entrepreneur and host of the Future Squared podcast. In his recent blog post he showed some light on how and where we can go on in this COVID-19 hours. He says, “While it might seem like nothing but doom and gloom for many companies, the crisis has created not just losers, but also winners and new business model opportunities.”

Here is the best two scenarios he came up with in emerging businesses at present:

  1. Mobile games tapped into a massive new market in women who had largely ignored video-game consoles. In fact according to reports from 2018, women were found to be a larger market than men when it came to mobile games. This is a sign of new market emergence in gaming.

  2. Zoom — one of the world’s leading video-conferencing platforms— is tapping into a new market of people including Gen-Xers and older who work for large organisations and had always optimised for face-to-face meetings over tables and conference rooms before they were introduced to work from home environment. It has already raised the bar with Zoom’s stocks soaring by 50% in the first 30 days alone.

The one thing I find very fascinating about Steve’s observation is that in order to navigate new businesses, it’s helpful to have something representing a map that can empower leaders to identify new markets, and new business model opportunities. (making a roadmap for your business in order to pitch the existing businesses.)

The image below shows the short-term winners and losers below — a map of sorts., he called it.

Damn. I feel something in my nerves. Did you? Later after going through this I conducted a search on Google Trends to cross-check the ‘map of winners and losers’ by myself.

  1. Online payment - compared to- Cash delivery

  2. Organic food -compared to - Burger and Pizza

  3. Online courses -compared to-offline courses

  4. Video lessons -compared to- text lessons

  5. Online business - compare to- offline business

  6. Product service - compared to- digital service

The above comparison on Google Trends gave me a quick overview on what’s happening and what’s gonna happen in the coming time after the COVID 19 outbreak. The search was conducted over a timeline running from March 20 - July 16 2020. And my observations say that in order to presume new business opportunities, it would be great to start with pre-COVID19 business models in the areas you’re looking at. You can simply determine what no longer applies, and what you can offer in real or replace from the existing one. Your considerations might have the following major aspects:

  • Problem’s Solution

  • Distribution channel(Website, Social Media)

  • Customer segment (target audience, demographics, interests, etc.)

  • Revenue model & costing (Investment and ROI)

  • Marketing channels

Now when you think that you have something to offer to the existing business or you want to start all over something new, here my recommendation: We don’t use social media only for personal purposes but also for all businesses. I know you know that. Everybody here is the victim or the survivor of the sponsored things. That’s where you can use social media to earn money out of your idea of business. For example, one with one million followers on Instagram can earn more than $100K per post. You may have been seeing Instagrammers use their accounts to sell their products, or advertising.

Start from Making Money Online on Social media

We all have our profiles on Facebook and Instagram existing from long ago. Some may have 10K followers, others may end up on 500-600 and that’s okay. Nobody started from 1 Million. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are mostly used for social networking and sharing emotions. People connect to each other via these social media platforms providing information about other people’s likes and interests or,

  • You can meet new people from all over the world even when you have no chances to meet them in person

  • connect with your family and friends. We may have added few of them in blocklists but we still share memories of them.

  • improve your relationship with your colleagues, followers, new friends.

  • find your old friends from high school and keep in touch with them ( I don’t personally follow it)

Social media is the best and one network to brand Marketing:

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube are the best places to market any products. Almost all of them are having a place to insert the URL of your website. It’s okay if you don’t have any website at all, you can build a landing page and share the URL on any social media. The more you have followers and followings, the more you get the website/landing page clicks. If you sell any products or services on your landing page you can earn money through social media. You can advertise your services, products, and posts.

Social media is the new classroom

And I am not just talking about YouTube tutorials or edu-tech or e-learning sources. I am talking about exactly social media - Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter/ Pinterest. You have seen many mini tutorial videos on Facebook either they’re live or in a form of motion presentation, IGTV on Instagram, DIY, time-lapse, how they do that, how to do it in 5 mins, and more. You can learn from others who are professionals and experts in your field or you can start teaching in your area of expert or interest. It doesn’t matter where you are Social media sites help you to connect with anyone anywhere and learn from them. Remember, how we have learned those funny moves or how we’ve learnt so many slangs, words, fashion, technology etc. I mean I never met or even saw Elon Musk in person, but I do know what he’s up to and how he did that, and ofcourse what he had for dinner.

Social media is opening the new ways to get help and to help others

I live in India where the literacy rate is 69.1%. The percentage is disturbing yet not more than disturbing the fact that 80% Indian population is using social media. Total of 367.1 Million people in India are using social media. The count was 142.23 million in 2015.

If you guys aren’t using Statista for your research and marketing, you should now. The stats below shows the impact of COVID 19 impact on share of users/week using social networking applications (India) .

This graph shows the impact of COVID-19 on social media using behaviour in terms of time (India).

All I want to make you understand is you can share your problems with other people across the world and get their help and opinions on your issue or vice versa. Whether it is helping with money or you just want advice or get advice. And no other but Reddit is a top social media site where you can find many communities helping users to answer their questions. Second is Quora which is specifically designed to answer users’ queries following tags, hashtags, different communities, groups and so on to help people to find their answers faster and for free.

Social media is more than scrolling videos rather it is about Updates and information

Okay tell me how you get to know about MGK dissed Eminem, the biggest rap battle ever. Or how did you know that Amazon rainforests were on fire for months or SpaceX is launching its next spaceship or whatever they call it? Social media updates. Yes, the main benefit of social media is that you can get updates about the latest as well as ongoing happenings around the world. The digital rule is: If you want to get more news on social media, you can follow the related accounts.

For example, I only got to know about the daily updates of the Elon Musk Universe hunt because I followed NASA pages and ultimately ended up seeing SpaceX, Hyperbola Elon Musk Facts, Space wars, etc etc pages. That’s why when I say even if your idea is already existing in a niche, all you’ve to do is keep it alive in the niche along with the existing ones. When users will go through the other page they probably will end up seeing yours if you utilize social media in a smart way.

Social media is actually fun and entertaining

I know I should’ve mentioned it on the top but anyway, it is. If I share my usage, social media is my destination to go on a break (at least from the last 115 days) at work or just want to relax at home. You see, how many times a day do we visit one of these or any of other social networking websites? Sometimes to update a status, to post a memory, to share the food, t o check upon them, and to feel serious about the environment and world. I named social media a ‘virtual black hole’ after I found out that how I am at the horizon Social media has evolved from being a cyber hub to a massive platform for businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, professionals and organizations. With its viral videos, blogs, articles, gifs, memes, vines, it has become a healthy turnover of innovative Ideas that keep customers occupied and responding.

Global giants like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Reliance are all the way down to little restaurants, cafes, book stores... just around the corner and small locally owned businesses are using social media as a platform to reach out to their audiences and target audiences.

As you can see social media is full of anything and everything. From making connections to sell your product or service, social media got you all covered.Once you understand the massive power of social media to your own advantage, you are well on your way to making good money. But how are you going to do that? In a right way. Because many of you here already established your pages and posts but nothing had happened. And you already are disappointed from the outcomes. I am not going to go into details on how to do it correctly, but I am gonna tell you how to do it smartly if you really want to make money on social media.

Decide what you want from it

Before getting into business ideas ask yourself: What do you want from all of this?

What is your purpose? Money? Freedom? Business?

Come up with a content response to these questions and write it down.

When you decide what you want from the idea and why you want it, find it to the core and make a list or sort things about what specifically you want from it: That’s where you need to get specific like you may want to gain 50,000 Facebook fans or make $10000 per month in affiliate income or planning to launch online products or services by the end of the year.

Now that you know what you’re working toward and why you’re doing it, let’s get into the ‘make it happen steps’. In any step you feel like it’s not possible for you to do, ask me anytime. .

Define your idea and craft your niche market

I know you have few general ideas already. Therefore, narrow down your idea to a particular niche.

For example, you can decide that you’ll be targeting young female entrepreneurs between the ages of 21 and 30 or restaurants in the specific region, generation between 18-44 with specific interests, etc.

Now, think of your type of service: is it digital? Or a product? Or a physical store? Let’s say your idea is in the marketing field and you want to provide marketing services by using social media to get clients.

Narrowing the “marketing” field down, here’s what it would look like:

  • Content marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Facebook Marketing

  • PPC

  • Google Adwords

That’s the benefit of narrowing down your idea. Now you have a clear image of what you are going to do within this business idea. But before you validating your idea here is what you need to do:

Take a step back and look over these crucial insights.

  • Does your business idea in the niche market actually exist?

  • Does your idea have a long-term and result-oriented goal?

  • Are there people out there with the problem that you’ve solutions for?

  • Are they willing to pay for your solutions?

Let’s do this in practice. We are going to start with Google Trends. You know why I am using it again and again.

Step 1: Go to Google Trends, plug in your niche keyword in the search bar and overview the graph showing the interest for your keyword over a particular period. (remember how we did it above)

If the graph is steady or on the rise, these are good signs.

If there’s a decline, you may want to reconsider your niche or do some further research. The bottom of the page to find “related queries” and “related topics” will give you ideas for narrowing down your niche. Click on the individual queries to see the overall trend for them. See, how easy it is to get the broader picture of narrowing down a niche.

Step 2: Find competing products on Amazon. If you’re trying to sell a service or a product., you should be well aware of the demand for your topic. For this, Search for your niche topic on Amazon and browse through the books. Books with lots of reviews, good or bad, are a good sign.

You can also go to Udemy to check the online courses in your niche for a proof of demand. YouTube is another place to see if there are popular videos on your topic. If people are viewing video content on your topic, there’s definitely an ongoing demand. Search your niche hashtag on Instagram. Whichever mode you think is best suited for your niche, just enter the keyword and look for demand in the niche. This will give you confidence and a key to unlock one more gateway in the demand.

How are you going to monetize your business idea strategy? Simple, how you're going to make money out of everything you planned above. This is the most and frequently asked question I have seen on FAQs and people asking Google. I am no intelligent than Google but I can tell you how just like Google:

Do you sell a product? Do you trade time for money? Provide virtual service? Advertise other people’s products? Before you decide on any of the monetization strategies, you need to know what is involved throughout the process and what resources you’ll need to make it happen.

The common monetization methods are as followings:

Affiliate marketing

It is the big giant in the blogging world. You can promote other people’s products if you’re into blogging or you can promote yourself if you have some blogger friends. You will earn a commission on every sale or every watch view or every click or whatever the medium is.

Digital Advertising and Sponsored Posts

It’s very common on blogs and networks like Instagram where you may have seen a total of 3-4 sponsor posts in your 3 min scroll. The objective of the brands that pay for sponsored posts is to maximize their reach. A minimum of 3K-10K is a sizable following to start your affiliate marketing.

Informational products

Information products have an enormous market right now on social media. Some are offering free courses, live webinars, masterclasses, and virtual events. And they may have said that you need a website. But not necessarily. You can set up your business without a website. All you need is a landing page and an email management system like MailChimp or Zoho Emails.

Offer a service shaped out of your skill

Writing is my thing and people pay me for this. It started only when I found out I can earn money using my writing skill as a profession. And trust me, if you have any skill, no matter what it is, there is someone out there willing to pay you for it. Create a few service packages (I did it) based on your skill and market it on your social media networks.

Choosing the right social media channel is the daunting task because I prefer not to stretch my time and resources across all social channels. Instead I use Facebook and Instagram only. It’s manageable and less hustling. And choosing social media channels is the most important task to do before setting everything up. But how do you know which is the right one and from which to start. Well, It depends.

  • Where’s your target audience? Are they on Instagram/Facebook?

  • What’s the nature of your idea? Is it informative? Entertaining?

  • What type of content would you primarily need to promote your business? Avideo? Graphic? Text?

  • Which platform is the best fit for your content strategy? Videos and giveaways for Instagram? Text and Video for Facebook ads?

My friend is a photographer. And for him a platform with a strong visual focus. In that case,I would be recommending him Pinterest and Instagram. If you create video content, YouTube is your homeground.

After you decide which platform is best, optimize your profile to attract an audience and convert them into clients. While getting your profile ready, make sure that you have a professional profile photo. And name it with your niche keyword before you upload it. Your profile is the first thing that they will see. Call it your digital billboard. Tell them about How your idea can make their lives better? What you got that is different from competitors? And last the important one - Why and how they should contact you.

The bottom line is creating a content strategy which is a professional task. And that’s right where you need me. And trust me or not, all of the steps above will be irrelevant if you don’t have a marketing strategy. So you can reach me out in the contact form to build your content strategy starting from content marketing, following which is Social media marketing and management.

So over and all. I must say, making money has never been this easy. This is a golden opportunity while sitting home and pulling a profit is remarkable. Thanks to the Internet, I have made sure of it. Also, I am one example of this strategy, check this out.

Don’t get me wrong: It will take a lot of time and work for your business to pick a pace and strategies discussed above are just the beginning but it doesn’t mean you should look for a shortcut instead stay consistent. Moreover, you don’t need a website but social media pages and a landing page. You can completely make money on your social media. I say so because it’s inexpensive and easy. The tricky part is remaining committed to scaling your business. But again that’s completely under control. Feel free to reach me.

Now when we have discussed the COVID situation and Social media, I have created this list of common ways you can make money with social media for lifetime, starting from today. This is the most trending social media business idea that can surely fill your pockets in no time if done right.

Personal Branding

Trust me you’re a brand. We all are brands. And when we say personal branding, it means the process of managing and optimizing the way that you present yourself to others. You have been following many personal branding pages on your social media as well. But wait, what is the personal brand strategy on social media? To answer that by yourself try Google search.

  1. Enter your first and last name.

  2. Try your name variations like your full name, nickname, middle name, etc.

  3. If your name is common, add other elements that might help define you like your occupation, your skill, your business name, your school name, etc.

Attract customers With Your Products On Pinterest

Yes, you can benefit in big ways from getting users to “pin” photos of their items on to their Pinterest boards. Either when you don’t have any product to sell, you can use your other social media graphics or videos to pin in your account and engage the community.

Run An Online Instagram Shop

If you have items that would be attractive to Instagram users, it’s relatively pain-free to set up a shop by connecting your account to the service. How? Drop me an email and I will be sending you a full document on how to do it the right way.


Twitter and Facebook can be great ways to show off your writing , language, creative and curated grammar skills. (I'm living on it.)


Editors already have found themselves on social media after Twitter and Facebook became microblogging platforms.

Social Media Management

Many businesses and individual professionals are seeking someone to handle their social media presence. Sadly the only positions out there are internships. It's a great hour to start your freelance social media management service. But only if that’s our skill.

Comedy Writing

Sense of humor is not everybody’s meal. And if you got it in you why ain’t making money out of it? A lot of new comedians birthed their career on Twitter with 140 character funny insights can gain you a lot of attention, so if you're particularly clever in creating money, give it a shot.

Creative Writing

Neil Gaiman, Fantasy author, broke ground with A Calendar of Tales, for which he asked his present Twitter following to submit questions and turned some of their answers into short stories. Yes, it’s called creative writing. And if you got that smirky, smarty, creative head, it’s your showtime in these unwelcomed COVID outbreak.


Anyone can become a renter via Airbnb, which gives users a chance to rent places to stay in 190 different countries. I live down the mountains and I have suggested this idea to a couple of people and they’re earning good in terms of money and people.

Monetize A YouTube Channel

Every skill needs discipline, consistency, and great work. A